Architect Metrópolis
Collaborator Anahi Bastian / Elmer Ramirez
Structure Jorge Avendaño
Building Services INGESER
Construcion Américo Chávez
Photographer Juan Solano
Location Lima – Perú
Year 2015
Total Plot Area 2.542m2 (27.362 sq ft)
Total Built Area 839m2 (9.031 sq ft)
Total Area Ground Floor 466m2 (5.016 sq ft)
Total Area Basement Floor 373m2 (4.015 sq ft)
Bedrooms 4
Service area office / 2 service bedrooms / laundry
Features Swimming Pool
Garage Spaces 4
Structure Steel framing
Floor finish Natural Wood

Plans / Sketches

Linear House

From the architect:
The main idea for this house was to create a concavity to get a controlled view towards the interior of the plot. The house is a small tribute to the pursuit of Mies van der Rohe, who celebrated transparency and inner courtyards.

The building has a single floor on ground level to reduce the presence on the plot and a basement pavilion for bedrooms and intimate areas. The building is supported by a perforated platform on profiles, which also support the roofs.

The house is configured based on three horizontal plains, and the supporting steel columns. These plains define a front terrace, an inner terrace with a pool and an intimate backyard. The interior is defined by the shadows of the upper plains, since the vertical enclosures are glazed in all their magnitude. The space is continuous, and a stone clad volume, together with wooden floors define primary and simple finishes. Towards the front, a service pavilion is linked to the house through the kitchen.

The continuity between exterior and interior space is experienced in all directions. The house theme is recurring in other projects by Metropolis, where the space flows and nature surrounds the architecture completely, making it part of the house through transparencies, participating from it to the very end of the new created situation. Nature invades the house.


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