Architect Marcos Bertoldi Arquitetos
Interiors Marcos Bertoldi Arquitetos
Photographer Alessandra Okazaki
Structure Pórtico Estruturas – Ing. Ruy Vieira Gosch / Ing. Helton Gabardo
Foundations Escoll – Ing. De Solos / Concretos Ltda
Electrical/Plumbing Eduardo Ribeiro – Escritorio de Projetos
Mechanical Systems Bom Ar
Lighting Marcos Bertoldi Arquitetos
Construction Construtora Greenwood
Location Campo Comprido – Curitiba – Brazil
Year 2008 / Interiors 2014
Total Plot Area 3.479m2 (37.450 sq ft)
Total Built Area 751m2 (8.080 sq ft)
Bedrooms 3 + Guest Bedroom
Features Gym / Sauna / Ofuro
Service area Laundry
Garage Spaces 2
Structure Reinforced Concrete

Plans / Sketches

LM House

From the architect:
Architecture always offers the opportunity for recreation of an era, being reveling in the cultural level, habits and civilizing degree and development of a certain population.

In this case the site, very rugged, totally wooded and with the main slope facing south, it would fix a set of parameters and insights for our future decisions. Therefore, all the reinforced concrete pavilion, sheltering the main uses of the house, was raised on six pillars, preserving a greater amount of native trees, as well as the relief and lines of natural drainage of the lot.

The concrete box

The concrete box, rectangular in plan, permeated by the great void, it shelters all the house’s social area. This area has been part of the pool deck, and it is installed in the support volume coverage. All the intimate area, is formed by a guests apartment e four suites, besides the kitchen e gourmet space, which are as well included in the main box.

A large central void was included, allowing all spaces to be oriented north, solving the problem of facilities in the social area, which overlooking the scenery, would only face to the south. Metal pillars, on the lines of the frames, support the roof slab in the main opening to the south and in the central void.

The exposed concrete finish is the main material of the project, seeking to restore a dialogue with the exposed concrete houses, which emerged in Curitiba in the 70’, but led no tangible result in following decades.

The support volume

The main volume is served by a transverse block, which is hinted at in the access staircase, which connects the street to the house and continues on the service block of white masonry with a range of support program for the residence such as: academia, spa, studio, sound and video room, and laundry facilities. Through this block the user descends to the lower areas of the site.

The metal grill flooring

The pedestrian and vehicles access, and the garages, is elevated on a metal structure, distant from the natural ground. The metal grill floor ensures the regeneration of local flora and fauna.

The interior design

The support for the interior design given by the architectural space is underlined by the furniture and artwork. Each item is individually analyzed for their shape, proportions, materials, technique, period and relevance . We seek a selection of pieces that work individually, through reference pieces of international and Brazilian modernist and contemporary furniture, without losing sight of the balance and harmony. The furniture’s asymmetric composition becomes the space fluid and dynamic , and the void seamlessly integrates furniture from one environment to the other, with continuous movement of the eye. Into a balance between free and occupied spaces. The composition is designed from the user’s movement or travel, always attentive to the infinite perspectives generated by full and void, shapes, proportions, colors and textures of each item included in the composition.

Marcos Bertoldi Arquitetos

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