Architect Deline Architecture Consultancy & Construction
Lead Architect Lưu Hoàng Long
Team Lưu Hoàng Long / Nguyễn Bá Đức / Vũ Hoàng Long
Structure Sunjin VietNam
Completion Year 2016
Location Tứ Liên – Tây Hồ – Hà Nội – Vietnam
Gross Built Area 360m2 (3.875 sq ft)
Bedrooms 2

Plans / Diagrams / Sketches

STH Stair House

From the architects:
Understanding we can only fulfill people’s needs when we understand what they are. We dig deep down to understand their priorities, values, inspirations, likes and dislikes and mostly how they want to live. And what we got for the answer is “a home circulated with emotional needs and a renovation in living qualities for this typical tube house” from our client, a very passionate about architecture, active young couple.

In order to think out of the box, instead of pushing people in close-boxes and no communication between living spaces like traditional way, we staged out our considerations. How to innovatively improve family relationship, activities (emotional needs) and mankind with Mother Nature (living qualities renovation) by connecting these through spaces? Why trying squeeze a stair to some death corner just for the function of moving up and down only while leaving all other issues such as moving up an oversize furniture ?

By answering two questions above, we came up with the final solution. Using Stairs, Voids, Bridges and positioning them at the center of the site as an atrium. Blending different functional spaces such as living room, kitchen and bedrooms around by creating split-level structure. We defined two “in one-glimpse space” spaces with “story-teller” stairs as features. The welcoming area is group of aquatic workshop, high volume living room and kitchen with the suspended exposed concrete stair to complete the atrium. In order to create open space, no wall or column support the Stairs provided. Only one Fungshui partition, which combined by timber fins to shield for the kitchen. Therefore, whoever wonders what others are up to could tell by one glimpse, from living room view toward aquatic workshop, from living room to kitchen, bedrooms and vice versa, fulfill the request of “emotional needs”. Same thing could happen for the bedrooms area and kid playroom. Parents are easily keeping their eyes on children.

In a typical tube house, increasing the use of every space is essential. Large stair landing works as a waiting lounge to welcome people to living room or a stage for family activities to watch from the workshop besides being just a shoe changing area. All the support for the stairs are hidden away in wall and small steel rods used to support the “in one-glimpse space” concept. Bridges connects two rooms; create a playing area for kids where parent could interact with them as well as leaving a breathing space for this tube house.

Other feature of this project is its double skin facade. The first layer is a combination of stainless steel frame cubes and perforated panels, which controls the sun light, reduces heat and creates interesting visual effects. It enhances the view from inside to outside as well as increasing owner’s privacy. Furthermore, the facade is also acting as guide frames for plants to hook and grow. The second layer is temper glass facade with aluminum frame in between the gardens and indoor, hopefully bringing the breathe of nature which is rarely found in big city.


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