Architect Jackson Clements Burrows Architects
Structural Consultant P.J. YTTRUP Associates
Building Surveyor Noel Gosling
Builder Spence Construction
Photographer Jeremy Weihrauch – Gollings Studio
Completion Date 27/1/2014
Location Great Ocean Road – Yuulong – Australia
Floor Area 60m2 (645 sq ft)
Bedrooms 2

Plans / Elevations

Moonlight Cabin

From the architects:
The Moonlight Cabin is a small footprint shelter (60m2) that can accommodate a couple and two children in the tradition of a remote hideaway (guests can sleep on the couch and get dressed on the deck in the morning). The client and father of this family grew up in the surrounding region and as young boy visited the area with his family camping on a nearby coastal farm during holidays.

Now residing overseas, for this family, the Cabin is an escape for the children from the intensity of city living and located in a landscape of familiarity for a parent who sees the land as an important historical connection.

The project explores the boundaries of how small is too small for a transient occupation at different times of the year both summer and winter.

The climate is harsh, windswept, often misty with rain but atmospheric in an exciting way. The cabin is a place to retreat and engage with the landscapes

ephemeral conditions . It has been designed to be adaptable, to open or close, to partially shut itself down as its occupants require, to be secured when they leave and reopened when they return.

The plan is conceived as an insert of programmatic requirements that sees the corridor as important habitable space. A double bed, bunks, bathroom, lounge and kitchen are integrated into an island pod that floats inside the outer envelope . No space is wasted it is as efficient as possible.

Conceived and constructed as a corrugated iron skillion, the built form is clad in a rainscreen of spotted gum cladding. Like a ‘gore-tex jacket’ the house is protected from the elements while the timber is free to expand and contract in the always changing climatic conditions. The jacket forms an external husk of integrated shutters that can be open or closed as the moment requires.

In the future the surrounding landscape may become a place for a new house, in the meantime, it’s a place to experience the landscape and understand its dramatic offerings as closely as possible. When something is small when requirements are minimal there is always the ability to challenge ourselves about what we really require about what is actually necessary. This small project is a reflection of that challenge.

Jackson Clements Burrows Architects

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