Architects Fritz + Fritz / Analia Messina
Collaborators Matías Azar / Hernán Feldmann / Christian Moroni
Photographer Quiroga + Carrafa
Structure Ing. José Zaldua
Location Lujan – Buenos Aires – Argentina
Year 2011
Total Built Area 300m2 (3.200 sq ft)
Bedrooms 3
Structure Reinforced Concrete

Plans / Diagrams

M House

From the architects:
The “House M” is located on a field in the outskirts of Lujan, Buenos Aires province, Argentina. The project was started in 2005 and finished in 2011. Due to the site conditions, the project was designed to incorporate the surrounding landscape and link it to interior spaces.

In order to achieve such integration of exterior landscape and interior, three patios were introduced, which made the internal layout of the program possible.

Regarding the overall appearance, and to achieve a synthesis of the architectural expression, it was decided to use noble materials such as concrete and wood.

Through these aesthetic qualities it was possible to achieve a constant relationship with the immediate surroundings, from the exterior through transparency, and from the interior through permeability.

On the ground floor, the main courtyard divides the public program, made out of living-, dining room, kitchen and services, from the private program of the bedrooms. The connection to the upper level is achieved through an exposed concrete star, which leads to the master bedroom.

On the main façade and facing away from the sun, it was decided to locate the main entrance, as well as the service program. The rear façade may therefore fully open towards the landscape.

Fritz + Fritz Architects / Analia Messina

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