Architect Titus Bernhard Architekten BDA
Photographer Jens Weber & Orla Connolly – Munich
Year 2009-2011
Project Location Munich – Germany
Site Area 1.300 m2 (14.000 sq ft)
Built Area 182 m2 (1.960 sq ft)
Bedrooms 3

Plans / Section / Elevation

House 11 x 11

From the architects:
Hause 11 x 11 is the logical successor to Hause 9 x 9. The underlying idea was to design a house with a compact appearance using homogeneous materials, with a small enveloping surface and the largest possible usable area, which would serve a family as an inhabitable sculpture and present its exterior as a reflection of the inner organisation.

Hause 11 x 11 is an icon for its users, a couple in the communication industry. It is symbolically and architecturally new: the outer walls of ferro-concrete and wood, and the wooden roof made of prefabricated elements, are coated with several layers of waterproofing with a black finish, above which is a vertical wooden-slat façade without counter-battens, which merges with ridge beams on the roof.

The aesthetically graphical character is reinforced by the varied density and very precise positioning of the lamellae and technically ensures that rain and snow can run off unhindered. Roof and façade form a kind of large “umbrella”. The wooden windows are integrated precisely in the lamella geometry.

Titus Bernhard Architekten

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