Architects Andrade Morettin Arquitetos Associados (Vinicius Andrade; Marcelo Morettin)
Associated Architects Marcelo Maia Rosa; Renata Andrulis
Coordinator Fabio Ucella
Collaborators Beatriz Moretti; Carlos Miller; Flora Fujii; Gabriel Sepe; Guido Otero; Lauro Rocha; Ricardo Gusmão
Structures Companhia de Projetos
Foundations Consultrix Engenharia
Air Conditioning Teknika Projetos Consultoria
Installations Consultiva Engenharia
Lighting Mingrone Iluminação
Automation Bettoni Multimidia
Landscape André Paoliello
Photographer Nelson Kon
Projetct Year 2011
Projetct Location São Paulo – Brazil
Project Area 1.132 m2 (12.180 sq ft)

Plans / Sections / Elevations

CJ House

From the architect:
This pavilion, located in a garden city neighborhood of São Paulo, was conceived as a living and gathering space to entertain guests and friends, therefore preserving the privacy of the main house.

Due to this unusual program, we had the freedom to treat the main volume of the new construction as a transparent horizontal pavilion, located in a beautiful garden which acts as an extension of the pavilion´s internal spaces. Two wooden decks make the transition between exterior and interior. The first works as the entrance platform. The second as a continuation of the main wing of the house, extending its space towards the garden, creating a more quiet and protected patio.

The inflection made in volume, which bends it towards the garden, transforms the usual linear pavilion typology. The space is then perceived in a circular movement, which makes the two wings visible for each other through the garden, enhancing even more its inside-outside relation.

The construction, in wood, steel and glass, strengthens the lightness of the volume, creating two light and thin planes, lifted from the ground. To complement the program of this extension, a technical basement was conceived as a series of service spaces such as a kitchen, a bathroom, and a storage. With this solution we were able to give more space to the garden and preserve the lightness and integrity of the pavilion.

Andrade Morettin Arquitetos

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